Project Meniscus (April 1st, 2009)

Here's my final map for BZFlag. I plan to focus on making maps for Urban Terror now because their maps have so many more possibilities such as climbing, inclined surfaces, and the physics are much more accurate. Since this is my last map, I tried to get .bzw to do everything it could as a sort of culmination of my BZFlag mapping skills.

Overview of Project Meniscus
An overview of the map

This map takes place in the late 80's at a secret Soviet chemical weapons plant far out in the Arctic tundra. They are tasked with synthesizing a chemical weapon far more potent than any other known nerve agent. However, due to budget cuts and upheaval as the Soviet Union begins to collapse, necessary maintenance has not been performed and one of the storage tanks has sprung a leak spewing deadly Cryosarinic Acid over a large portion of the military base.

Cryosarinic Acid Spill
Cryosarinic Acid spill

I started work on this map towards the end of January, so I've spent about 2.5 months on it. It has 4 physics, 3 dynamicColors, 8 textureMatrixes, 50 textures, and is 25,309 lines long. I also threw in 3 drawInfo objects using Tedius' di-Machine.

drawInfo Spotlight
The spotlight is drawInfoed

Don your gas mask and head to to give it a try!