Tower of BZ, Level Four (September 19th, 2007)

This was a collaborative map making project organized by ducatiwannabe, and the idea was to have a tower made by ten different map makers. We started off with a template that was 100 x 100 x 45 units, and a few instructions on objects not to include to simplify assembly later on. This was only my second map, and I didn't really know if I should enter. I decided to give it a shot and came up with a 50 object map. It was getting a little cramped, but I think with a little work and a slightly bigger area it could function as it's own map. I incorporated general themes from The Passion map, Badgerkings, and Hix.

What I like most about the map is the corners. A giant pyramid is positioned so tanks can shoot from the second floor to the third floor. Since the map is enclosed in a cube, the shots ricochet off the ceiling and rapidly bounce down the third floor. There is not much you can do to avoid them if done correctly.

Tower of BZ
The best view I could get.

It was interesting to see the final map and how the ten different styles differed from one another.