Obstacle Course (September 2008)

This is a map organized by Marzipan, and the idea is to combine parts of BZFlag Olympics, TO by Tanner, and Jumping Skillz. I've made a Perl script to automatically generate the racecourse, and the idea is to get a bunch of obstacle submissions to be randomly spread around the track. As it stands, you get 30º of a 325 x 325 arc to work with. There is an obstacle template located here to help you get an idea where to build.

The Racetrack
A three tiered racetrack.


• Only build inside the template. Otherwise, you'll interfere with other submissions or build outside the track.
• Tanks move clockwise when looking down from the center. Take that into account for your obstacle.
• You must group everything you make together and prefix it with your name.
• Prefix any material/physics/texturematrix/dynamiccolor/etc you use with your name.
• Keep in mind playability. Don't make things way too complicated or impossible to pass, but don't make it too easy either.
• No teleporters, world weapons, or zones.
• The settings we are using are listed in the template.

What you have to build in. Tanks move from the top left to the bottom right on the lower arc.

Submit your obstacles by PMing me on the BZBB.

Submissions may be refused if they do not follow the above rules or if it's felt they are not playable.