Caged (September 8th, 2009)

I've had this idea for a very long time, I've just never gotten around to making it. Once I finally got motivated enough to do it though, it only took around 20 minutes to make. The map is made of eight sheared boxes, and one shoot through box. There are two players per team, two shots, and no jumping.

Basically, the Red team is confined to the ground, while the Green team drives on a shoot through platform 14 units higher. The only way to hit your opponent is to ricochet off the wall. The walls are angled at 45º so the shot will reflect on the same path, but with 14 units of displacement vertically. The principle is the same as a corner reflector for radar. This map is currently up on my testing server at

Thank you for your patience, your regularly scheduled eyecandy maps will resume shortly. ;)