Omaha Beach (August 10th, 2009)

This map was inspired by Spazzy McGee and CannonBallGuy's Normandy map a while back. Their map is really what got me interested in 2.0 mapping. I also looked at a lot of Robert F. Sargent and Robert Capa's war photos. And of course I spent a long time watching the beginning of Saving Private Ryan as well.

Really not too much to say about it, it's just a one way Capture the Base with a lot of mines, world weapons, and high powered flags. It really needs to be full to be much fun, and I doubt it'll be very popular. There's still a few more World War Two-themed maps I want to do, but I'll probably work on some battles from other wars for a while.

I've always liked seeing the software or workflow people use to make maps, so here's a screenshot of the map before I exported from Wings3d. The solid colors are UVMapped faces that I gave a material so it's easier to hand edit once exported. I use materials as a sort of name or place holder for faces. For example, I often make a "death" material so I know which faces need physics applied to them in a text editor.

And here's a screenshot of the completed map:

This map is currently up at