Easter Island (October 22nd, 2008)

I've had this map in the back of my mind for quite a while. The Battle of Midway Island had it's fair share of problems, mainly because it was my first really big 2.0 map. It still turned out ok, but I've always wanted to see just how much eyecandy I could put in a map. I set out to make a good looking map first, and a playable map second. That's backward from my normal map making philosophy, but I needed to prove to myself I knew what I was doing after the Midway Island fiasco.

Wings3d Wireframe
Wireframe model in Wings3d

This map was surprisingly easy to make, and I think my map making skills have really improved lately because there were few bugs to find and fix. Of course there was tons of editing and adjusting, but that's to be expected. One of the main problems was exporting one group per material, which was easily fixed with a dialog box. Otherwise, inside points don't work and they are necessary to keep players out of objects.

Finished Map
Finished Map

I used five textureMatrixes, four physics, and twenty six materials. I also used drawInfo to make the water move like waves lapping at the edge of the island. Ten of the materials are devoted to steam with different opacities to simulate steam rising from the ocean and volcano. I used Optic Delusion's skydome and various textures by ahs3, anomaly, LouMan, and The Purple Panzer. The lava moves, there's a tunnel through the volcano, and ancient moai dot the landscape. In short, I think this is my best 2.0 map, and there's little I can think of to improve on it.

This map is currently up at bzbattleground.com:8500.