Jefenry's First Map Recreated (April 23rd, 2008)

Jefenry's CTF technically wasn't my first map, I had laid the framework of a map prior to that but lost all my work in a hard drive crash. After getting my computer repaired and buying an external hard drive I decided to scrap the idea because I didn't think it would be very playable. I recently found a sheet of paper with a sketch and some dimensions, so I decided to rebuild it and see how it would have turned out.

Game play is focused between two vertical walls that must be climbed by a series of steps to reach the enemy base. However, the bottom portion of the wall is drivethrough and shootthrough from inside the base but not from the outside to give the defending team a larger advantage.

I made this map in an afternoon to try and forget about all the problems The Battle of Midway Island was giving me. Since this was a quick map and has never been hosted very long, it's probably full of bugs and playability problems. Either way, it was fun to make and now I finally have my first map back.

First BZFlag Map Recreated

This map is currently on my rotation server at