Foosball (August 14th, 2009)

I got the idea for this map after seeing Allejo's Air Hockey map. I had a real a burst of inspiration and made this map in about four hours. This was just one of those maps where everything was easy to make and I had a clear idea of what I thought it should look like. I don't have a foosball table currently, but have played a lot of it in the past. I added physics to the ramps in the corners so you can jump onto them and they will slide you across the map. They're quite useful for passing the flag back to your base.

I also made the row of two defenders drawinfo so they spin. I added a clear mesh where they spin so it seems like they kick you across the map as well. You can really cover a lot of ground if you hit them right. There was also an issue of spawn camping in the base, but I managed to fix that by raising the base slightly above the field of play. Overall it's a pretty fun map.

This map is currently on my rotation server at