Crokinole (September 17th, 2008)

My mom's Canadian, and I enjoy playing Crokinole with her. Crokinole is sorta like a combination of carom, pool, and shuffleboard. The board is circular and marked into three sections: 5 points, 10 points, and 15 points. There's also a shallow pit in the middle just bigger than a disc that is worth 20 points. You start off with six discs, and the idea is to knock the opposing team's pieces into a "ditch" around the outside of the board while keeping your pieces towards the higher scoring portions of the board. There's a few official rules that we weren't aware of, but it's still fun to play with our homebrew rules.

Anyway, I made a simple map based off the game. It originally consisted of 15 arcs and 4 meshboxes. I then imported it as a .obj into Wings3d to add some wood textures and the discs. After exporting as a .bzw, I was up to 36,000 lines of code. That was way too much, so I whittled it down to around 10,000 lines by defining and grouping objects. I use the same settings as my Pocket Billiards map, so game play should be similar. As usual, there's a hefty dose of death physics to keep players on the board ;D

Crokinole BZFlag Map

This map is currently on my rotation server at