Fractal (November 23rd, 2009)

Here's a map that was inspired by ahs3's Lopsy CTF and an old map by Spazzy McGee. Basically ahs's map vaguely reminded me of an image of the Mandelbrot Set, while Spazzy McGee's map had unique little bulges in the main wall for the bases. However, the Mandelbrot set was way too hard to model so I settled on a Koch Snowflake. This model was pretty easy to make in Wings3d, although it was a little tedious.

I started with a cylinder with three sections. I then cut each section into 3 equal segments. Then I cut the central face of each section in half and moved the resulting points until they made an equilateral triangle. Do that for three iterations and then inset and bridge the top and bottom face to end up with:

A little texturing, handcoding, and setting tweaking results in:

So far I have it as a 3 team, 5 player CTF. There are a lot of pyramids to cut down on crazy ricochets. It's currently up at