Stalingrad (May 10th, 2009)

This map is based on the movie "Enemy at the Gates." I recently watched it with a friend and the whole time thought about what a great BZFlag map it'd make. Plus I could reuse some of the objects I made for Project Meniscus. That's one of the best things about making a lot of maps, I have a whole folder full of cool .obj's I've made that I can reuse for anything. I made the majority of the map from scratch in about two weeks though. The Soviet side has a railway and a number of boxes of ammo and oil drums. It's pretty cramped, although I think it makes it easier for the Soviets to defend. The Nazi side is more spread out but they have protective foxholes to hide in.

Soviet Side
Soviet side with Stalingrad in the far corner

Unsurprisingly, my Nazi flag texture was rejected from the image hosting site so I made my own out of a mesh and a lot of little faces. It took a ton of effort and time to make, and I made it more or less out of spite. Honestly, people need to grow thicker skin if they think a combination of colors and a design is derogatory. Anyways, here is a .zip file with an .obj, .bzw, and .wings file if you ever need a Nazi flag in a map. I think it looks pretty good if I may say so myself. ;D

Nazi Flag
The Nazi side

So far it's been pretty popular which is surprising as in my experience 2.0 maps don't do very well. We'll have to see how it goes, it could just be temporary popularity because it's new. As of July 2009, it's pretty well dead. I'm not sure what made it madly popular for a few weeks then suddenly die but with my maps, it's par for the course. It's up at

Formation of drawinfoed Messerschmitts