Pearl Harbor (December 21st, 2009)

This is a map I've been working off and on for a few weeks. Basically it was inspired by the movie of the same name and it was one of the major points of World War Two that I haven't made a map on. So now I have Midway, Normandy, Stalingrad, and Pearl Harbor. I can't think of any other battles that I want to model, so perhaps it's time to switch to a different conflict. Maybe you'll see a map about the Civil War or the Revolutionary War in the future. ;D

This map is mainly a conglomeration of objects I've used in other maps. For instance, the battleships and aircraft carriers came from my Midway map, the fighters came from Stalingrad, the water tower and barracks came from Project Meniscus, and the moving water came from Easter Island. Really, all I made was the island.

The general idea of this map is that 6 American defenders use Yassen's Turret Plugin to prevent 10 Japanese attackers from capturing a region of space above the island for a certain amount of time. I've yet to figure out how long the king of the hill time should be, but I'm sure this map is a flop. It's pretty cramped, incredibly laggy, and just not very playable. But anyway, on to the next idea!

Pearl Harbor