Jefenry's Aztec Ballcourt (February 5th, 2008)

This is by far my best map. It's in its third revision, and I think I've finally gotten playability right. This map is based off the Mesoamerican Ballcourt and is quite narrow. I'd read that the ballcourts had an average 4:1 length to width ratio. Mine conforms to that and there is absolutely no cover, so dodging and jumping skills are a must.

This map uses the Tiny flag in a unique way. There have been a few other two team CTF maps that use a non-playing third team's flag as a kind of "ball," but that has some limitations. Someone must be on that third team for the flag to appear, and it can cause trouble if they have connection problems. To get around this, I enclosed the base with a wall that had a narrow gap. It was impossible for regular tanks to go through, but just right for a tank with the Tiny flag. Tiny tanks are usually quite a bit smaller than regular tanks, but I changed a variable to make them only 10% smaller than normal. Thus the Tiny flag acts as a ball, it doesn't skew playability too much by giving the "ball carrier" an advantage, and it doesn't require a third team and player.

This map also relies heavily on teleporters. I hadn't used them much since Jefenry's CTF, but they were quite helpful for this map. There are teleporters in the base to get you out once you capture the enemy's flag, and there are teleporters inside the iconic rings to get you to a temple where you can pick up the Genocide flag. This is a very powerful flag that I made very difficult to get to because it can severely bias the game.

There's a running joke which ties back to ahs3_logger, a bot that logs everything to help ban cheaters. This bot rarely plays or speaks, but one day the server owner said through it "This server is shutting down, rejoin on the restart." I quickly typed "The almighty logger! He speaks!" or something similar. Ever since I've added easter eggs in the map with references to the "Almighty Logger." This map is on my Aztec Ballcourt Rotation Server at

Original Aztec Ballcourt
The Original

Aztec Ballcourt Version 2
Version Two

Aztec Ballcourt Version 3
Version Three

Aztec Ballcourt Version 4
Version Four

Jefenry's Four Team Aztec Ballcourt (May 6th, 2008)

I recently finished up a four team version. Each team starts off on their arm of the cross, and battle their way to the center to get the tiny flag. Once the tiny flag is captured, pick any other team's arm and capture their flag. Teams spawn on the side with their color, and the idea is to guard your arm from the enemy, while balancing the need to capture enemy flags. It has been up for a while and it's even more popular than the two team version. The right angles in this map make rico interesting. This map is on my Aztec Ballcourt Rotation Server at

Four Team Aztec Ballcourt
Four Team Aztec Ballcourt

Jefenry's Three Team Aztec Ballcourt (August 25th, 2008)

Ever since I finished the four team version, it'd been in the back of my mind to make a three team one. It was almost impossible to make everything with simple boxes, so I used Wings3d for the sloping walls. Everything else about the map is the same except the number of teams, and the method of getting the Genocide flag. Game play is a lot different, and I've found I constantly overestimate where ricos will go. Three team CTF maps are notoriously hard to balance and maintain playability, but this map appears to be quite fun. This map is on my Aztec Ballcourt Rotation Server at

Three Team Aztec Ballcourt
Three Team Aztec Ballcourt

Jefenry's Five Team Aztec Ballcourt (January 25th, 2010)

Here's the five team ballcourt. I started it in September of 2008, but quit because it had a lot of problems. Working with 72º angles was pretty tough and my Wings3d skills weren't as good as they are now. Recently I found the half finished map file and finished it up. There's 58 bases, basemarkers for a plugin, or fake rogue bases. I found overlapping green and red bases made a yellow one on the radar, so that's what I used for aesthetics.

I'm using flying_popcorn's rogue team plugin that keeps rogues working as a team, more or less. The rogues use the US flag as their team flag and capping it should kill the rogue team. Likewise, the rogues can cap regular team flags which should kill the team. You'll blow up if you tk a rogue teammate. I'm also using the rogue genocide plugin should someone manage to get geno.

There are a few bugs that are hard to fix because rogues really aren't meant to play CTF. However, it's working better than expected and it's up at

Five Team Aztec Ballcourt
Five Team Aztec Ballcourt