Our USYE trip only scheduled in three or four hours at Venice, so we didn't have much time to walk too far away from Saint Mark's Square. It was still a really nice city though. We didn't play a concert here, this was just a sightseeing detour.

San Giorgio Maggiore
San Giorgio Maggiore - probably one of my favorite pictures from the entire USYE tour.
The Campanile
Saint Mark's Campanile, with Saint Mark's Basilica in the background.
The Campanile
A different view of the Campanile.
The Bridge of Sighs
The Bridge of Sighs over the Rio di Palazzo. It connects the Doge's Palace on the left with the prison on the right.
The large building in the center is the Santi Giovanni e Paolo, while the tall white tower just to the left of center is part of the Santa Maria Formosa.
Saint Mark's Basilica
Saint Mark's Basilica.