Noire River

In 2006 I went with some friends on a five day, 60 mile canoe trip down the Noire River in Quebec. It was a lot of fun, although there were enough mosquitoes to carry you off.

Noire River Panorama
A panorama of our first camp.
I own the green one.
Noire River Rapids
I'm not used to this...
Noire River Mountain Chutes
Deciding how much we value our lives. I believe this was called "Mountain Chutes."
Noire River Targie
We camped here for a whole day. This spot is called "Targie" and we nearly destroyed a canoe.
Camp Food
It's amazing how good food tastes when you're half starved.
Noire River Log Jam
A log jam upstream of a bridge.
Tree Roots
Some cool looking roots at our last camp.
The Noire River
It's not the destination as much as the getting there.
Noire River Bridge
The end of the line, 60 miles downstream.