This was towards the middle of my USYE trip. We played a concert here, and then had the next day to ourselves. The only rules were to stay in groups of 3 or more, and be back in time for supper. We met up with an older brother of one of the orchestra members and mainly followed him. It was coincidence that that he was in Lugano, but it worked out well.

He had a full day planned, and his motto was "Always do three useful things every day while traveling." So we took a funicular to the top of Mount Brè, went paddle boating in the lake, and visited the Santa Maria Degli Angeli which contains Bernardino Luini's amazing Passion and Crucifixion fresco from the 1500's. We got a lot done, and ended up walking about 13 miles that day.

Delft's City Hall and Market Square

A panorama of lake Lugano as seen from Mount Brè.