Nova Scotia

I've been to Nova Scotia three times, once to help build a friend's house and twice for friend's weddings. Nova Scotia is a pretty place, although I could do without the snow, rain, and cold weather.

My first trip was in 2007 and was pretty horrendous. It rained nearly every day for a few hours, and the building project was way behind schedule. We mainly cut trees and stacked wood. We went to a few beaches, but the water was too cold for me. It was basically a wet, miserable time. :P

The second trip was a two day dash for a friends wedding in 2009. I left at noon on a Friday, and got home around 10pm Sunday. I had five flights in all, and amazingly ran into another friend in Ottawa who was flying to Halifax for the same wedding.

In 2010 I drove with some friends from Ontario through Quebec and New Brunswick to their house in Halifax. I stayed with them for about two weeks and then went to another wedding. This trip was the closest to being an actual sightseeing trip, although I still didn't get too see much or get many good pictures.

Halifax Harbor
Halifax Harbor
Ottawa Airport
Stopping in Ottawa on the way to Halifax
Lawrencetown Beach
Lawrencetown Beach in the day
Lawrencetown Beach
Lawrencetown Beach in the evening

A panorama I made of Lawrencetown Beach from three pictures
Peggys Point Coast
Peggys Point Coastline
Peggys Point Lighthouse
Peggys Point Lighthouse
Delaware Bay
Flying over the Delaware Bay
on the way home
Flying Home
Heading home