This was towards the end of my USYE trip, and we spent about a day here before we went on to Bingen. There are three large churches in this town, the Oude Kerk (Old Church), Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) and the Maria van Jessekerk. The main spire of the Old Church actually leans about six feet from vertical, and looks like it could fall over at any minute. I climbed the more than 350 steps to the top of the New Church's bell tower, and that was a lot of work. The spiral staircase is very narrow, with a clearance of about 5 and a half feet. Every now and then there were some iron bars running through the staircase, which I presume helped hold everything together. Regardless, you had to either climb over them or try to crawl under them. With me being 6' 2", I was quite sore once I reached the top. Fun things I learned about Holland - they have about a 5:1 vowel to consonant ratio.

Delft's City Hall and Market Square
Looking at the City Hall and Market Square from the New Church.
The Old Church
The Old Church, as seen from the New Church. It was founded in 1246.
City Hall
The City Hall from the ground.
Maria van Jessekerk
Two pictures of the Maria van Jessekerk taken from the top of the New Church.