Caving near Goshen, Virginia October 26th, 2013

Here's a few pictures from the first time I went caving. The cave was on the side of the road near Goshen, Virginia. From what I've been told, it's a good beginner cave since it's not too big and there's only one entrance. To get in you had to climb through a small tunnel and drop down into another tunnel. From there you could either climb over or crawl under some big rocks until you made it to a large area that must have been 25' tall and about the size of a large room. Around that main area were five or six smaller rooms that could be accessed via cramped tunnels. We spent about 2.5 hours crawling around in it. It's pretty incredible how dark it is when everyone turns off their flashlight.

Google Streetview
Click this image and it will take you to the location on Google Maps.

Entering the cave
Entering the cave. It's basically a hole in the rocks on the side of the road.

First tunnel
Once you enter the hole in the rocks, you come to this tunnel. It's pretty tight and requires you to shimmy along before it widens.

Second tunnel
Then you drop about 6' down into a narrow path, but there's plenty of headroom. There are a few boulders in places that you need to climb over or crawl under.

End of a room
Off to the side is a small tunnel that abruptly ends.

The cave is pretty big in places.

In the main room there is a large column of rock. My picture doesn't do it justice. When you're in the cave the water droplets on the walls and ceiling reflect the light so there's a lot of shimmering specks all around.

A bat hanging from a stalactites
We saw a few bats here and there hanging from stalactites.

Strange rock formations
Such strange rock formations you just don't normally see.

Strange rock formations
More strange rock formations. The one at the bottom had goldish colored specs in it that shimmered when you moved your head side to side.