My mom's Canadian, so we take a trip to Ontario every couple of years to visit some relatives. I've gotten a few pictures of cool things, but not nearly as many as I'd like. We're planning a trip this summer, so hopefully I can get something other than ancient relatives.

Milmine Insurance
Milmine Insurance company. This is where my mom got her first job working for the son of the man who started the buisness.
Edgewater Manor
Edgewater Manor. This was at one time a personal castle, but now it has been converted to a resturant.
Battle of Stoney Creek Memorial
A memorial marking the Battle of Stoney Creek.
West Montrose Covered Bridge
The West Montrose covered bridge. It was built in the 1880's. It has a single lane and spans the Grand River.
Battle of Stoney Creek Memorial
A different memorial commemorating the Battle of Stoney Creek.
A pimped out Amishmobile. It's got runningboards, turn signals, seats with springs, side mirrors, and a tailgate. All it needs now is an engine and some fuzzy dice.
Brock's Monument
Brock's Monument. Apparantly Canadians really like this guy because he repelled an American attempt to capture Queenston Heights.
Niagara Falls Panorama
Here's a panorama of Niagara Falls. To the left is the Rainbow Bridge, and stranded in the rapids to the right is the Niagara Scow.
Elora's Tooth of Time
The "Tooth of Time" at the Elora Gorge.