Groundhog Hunting

July 17, 2011
There I was, pistol in hand and a wounded animal cornered in the shadows. Suddenly I caught a glimpse of brown and fired. The beast let out a snort and lunged toward me through the smoke filled air. I cocked the single action pistol and fired again. This shot connected with his head and he fell dead, not five feet from me. I reached into the culvert and poked the groundhog's carcass with my pistol to make sure. Satisfied he was dead, I reached in and pulled him out. Thus ended my one and only dangerous game hunt.

This groundhog lived near my boss's house and was getting into his garden. I set a few leg traps but hadn't had any luck until one day I saw him dive into the culvert as I drove by. I immediately stopped, took my shoes off and wedged them in the end so he couldn't get out. I knew the far side of the culvert was blocked by some large rocks. Then I got a long stick and pushed the groundhog towards my shoes from the other side. Once he was near the end I remove the shoes and shot him with the .22LR Colt Fronteer Scout.

Groundhog 1

March 20th, 2013
My boss was getting ready to put his house on the market but there was a groundhog that would run across the driveway to his hole about 15 yards off in the field. He didn't think this was a good sign for prospective buyers so he told me to shoot the groundhog if I saw it. One day while I was coming back from a dump run I saw a little brown head dart back into the hole as I was coming down the driveway. I came to a stop about 20 yards away and rested my .22LR Savage Sporter on the door. When his head popped back into view to see if it was all clear, I nailed him in one ear and out the other. He dropped into the hole so fast I thought I'd missed, but the bloodbath in the hole proved otherwise.

Groundhog 2