Game Camera External Battery Mod

I got a Wildgame Innovations IR4 game camera for Christmas. It's ok for the money, but there is room for improvement. For instance, pictures seem to be blurry for around 15 minutes at dawn and dusk, and battery life is downright dismal.

I set the camera up on Christmas afternoon, and the batteries were dead by January 1st. Product reviews seem to indicate that others have short battery life as well, so I decided to wire up an external 6 volt lantern battery to mine.

First I unscrewed the face from the enclosure and figured out how everything was wired together. Then I soldered a ~4 foot wire to the positive and negative terminals of the battery holders. I drilled a hole through the positive contact and ran the stripped end of the wire through that for better contact. After that I attached alligator clips to the ends of my wires.

Next I drilled a hole through the bottom of the enclosure and routed the wires through that hole. I screwed down the electronics, and sealed up the hole on the bottom with hot glue.

I drilled a hole in the lid of a large peanut butter jar and ran the alligator clips through that. Insert the battery, and clip the alligator clips to the terminals. Though make sure you get the polarity right or you'll probably fry the camera. It may also be useful to add some kind of insulation around the battery so it won't lose its charge as fast in cold weather.

I'll update this page when the lantern battery dies. Although it only has to go 2.5 weeks to be cost effective. Eventually I will get a rechargeable lantern battery and wire a solar panel to it. I wonder if the manufacture is in cahoots with a battery company since they didn't build in a plug for an external battery. :P