Savage Sporter 23A – .22 LR

This is the only gun my maternal grandfather owned. He lived in Canada back when they weren't so totalitarian about guns. He wasn't a very good shot and my mom tells of him trying three or four times to shoot a jackrabbit. They lived right on the QEW before it was as busy as it is now. Anyway, this big jackrabbit was sitting at the end of their driveway right by the road. My grandfather would wait for the cars to clear and then take a shot at it. Each time he missed and the rabbit would only hop a few feet and waggle its ears. Finally my granddad gave up. One other time an animal moved into the crawl space under his house and was making a lot of noise. He went in after it with this gun, but it turned out to be a skunk with young ones. Needless to say he beat a hasty retreat.

My grandad gave the gun to my father when he married my mom since he was interested in firearms. However, it was in pretty rough shape. The stock was broken and it had been sitting in a barn for years. My dad and a friend flattened out the break on the original stock, cut the butt off a new stock and spliced it in. You can just see the joint above the trigger. The original forend part of the stock has a lot of dings, but I don't mind too much. The barrel is in decent shape and this is my go to gun for plinking and small game hunting. I've used it to shoot 90% of the squirrels I've gotten. It used to have a little 3x scope, but I stole the one off my dad's Ruger 10/22 when he bought a bigger scope. There's no serial number on the barrel which means it was produced before 1931, as best I can tell.