The Assault 2x4 (September 24th, 2015)

A bunch of people really enjoyed my craptastic hardware store pistol, so I thought I'd make something a little more modern. Something that uses those newfangled self contained metallic cartridges. Also I think it's funny that the receiver is legally considered "the gun" by the ATF, so what if I made the receiver out of wood? A 2x4 was the most logical option so this is what I came up with: The Assault 2x4!

The barrel is coated with Rustoleum rattle can flat black high temperature BBQ paint for a rugged, durable finish that will last a lifetime. Whether you're hunting ducks in freezing rain, dropping tangos in the middle of a Somalian dust storm, or shooting playing cards at 1000 yards, you can rely on our attention to detail.

The rear peep sight is elevation adjustable and features a large aperture for quick target acquisition. Large aperture sights excel in demanding mall operations where plates duct taped to one's person might hamper taking a fine bead.

Full length frame rails insure superior accuracy. The firing pin spring is easily adjusted by anyone with a Boy Scout knot tying merit badge. Epoxied into the 2x4 is a 3.7oz piece of rebar to make the receiver detectable to the congresscritters.

The white HDPE bumper prevents the adjustable firing pin from contacting the end of the barrel. This allows one to dry fire the gun without fear of dinging the chamber and denting the firing pin.

The forestock is stippled with an aggressive pattern to provide superior grip characteristics. The barrel is securely held on by two adjustable barrel bands and is easily swappable when shot out from heavy sustained suppressive fire.

Why reinvent the wheel? This gun utilizes the Mauser C96's grip design. Also note how the trigger/sear spring acts as the trigger guard. Simple parts performing two or more roles is a telltale mark of ingenious design.

The shoulder stock is quickly collapsed by removing two drywall screws. This allows the gun to be easily concealed under a trench coat when operating in a covert fashion.

Here it is field stripped.

Look at those graceful lines and rugged dependability as compared to that other steaming heap. We're proud to introduce the rifle of the future.... THE ASSAULT 2x4!

I later made a .22LR silencer and this was the only gun I own that I'd be willing to thread the barrel. You can see an album on the silencer build here.