Building a Walnut Table (July 19th, 2012)

A while back I built a table for a friend from some walnut boards I milled myself. I was on a pretty short deadline so I didn't take many pictures, but I did make a detailed set of plans so it should be pretty easy to make another.

Luckily I work in the portable sawmill manufacturing business so I could borrow a Hudson Oscar 328 to mill some lumber from a walnut tree that went down in a hurricane a while back.

Sometimes deciding which way to orient the log to best use the wood is an art. Log taper, irregularities in diameter, sapwood thickness, and intended use all need to be taken into consideration. Flat sawing a log is quick and easy, while quarter sawing is more time consuming and wasteful, but produces better boards. Anyway, after sawing I painted the ends and stickered the boards for approximately a year before being asked to build the table.

milling boards from a walnut log
Cutting boards off a squared up log.

My friend gave me some pictures of table design for inspiration, and wanted it to be 27.5" tall and 23.75" square. blah i'm too tired to finish writing this stupid article tongightioDSng;aosgas;goihago;iaerggho2 gh490u

cutting out the pieces
Cutting the pieces for my table.

the finished table
The finished table.