Arthritic Key Adapter (Around 2000)

My grandma had rheumatoid arthritis and as a result had a lot of trouble holding small things. The key to the back door was especially difficult because it was small and the lock was pretty stiff. In a fit of creative zeal I went out to my grandpa's wood shop and attached a clothespin to a spare door key as a sort of lever. I first removed the spring and drilled a hole through the end of the clothespin. Then I bolted the key between the two wooden pieces and wrapped the handle in electrical tape. You could really generate much more torque with the key turned 90º to the clothespin than you could without it. I'd never seen any of the commercial versions before making this, but they don't really do anything different.

Arthritic Key Adapter

Unfortunately my grandma didn't get to use this key much as she moved into an assisted living residence about a year after I made it. I had completely forgotten about making this until we found it when we were cleaning out her room in February of 2009. At first I didn't think I'd made it, but my parents told me I did and I was quite pleased with myself when I first gave it to grandma. :D