Homemade Guitar Stand (January 9th, 2009)

I've had my guitar for three years now, and never really got around to buying a stand for it. I've always just put it back in its case and slid it under my bed or stuck it face down on my top bunk. So I decided I'd build a stand for it during my Christmas Break. I looked around on the internet and surprisingly found few examples or directions. So then I looked at a few mass produced stands and sketched up a few designs.

I wanted my stand to fold flat for easy travel, cost me little to nothing, and look halfway decent. I managed to achieve all the goals, although the hinges I bought cost me $4.50. However, that was for a package of two, so I may build another stand out of better wood and different technique now that I know the potential problems.

Folded Homemade Guitar Stand

I used scrap pine so I didn't have a piece long or wide enough to cut the stand out of. First I planed the four boards to five eights of an inch and then sketched the pattern onto them. I took a few measurements but mainly I just kept sketching until it looked right. Then I roughly cut the pieces out with a bandsaw, sanded to the line I drew, and then used a router to bevel the edges. I used a drill press to make the dowel joints and glued everything up. After that, I sanded the inside curve to match the back of my guitar. Stain, wax, buff, add hinge, and apply felt. Then set your guitar on it ;D

Homemade Guitar Stand     Homemade Guitar Stand

Here's a set of "as built" plans, but there are no measurements. I'd just enlarge the plans until the edge the guitar sits on is slightly longer than the guitar's sound box. These are just general guides, join the pieces together however you feel comfortable.