Mrs. W and Rule Posters

           The other day I was cleaning out a drawer in my room and unearthed a relic from high school. It brought back fond memories of the adrenaline surge of a well planned heist, some simple rewording with a Xerox machine, and some unforeseeable problems that just about landed me in the principles office.

           For those of you who didn't have Mrs. W as a teacher, don't worry. You didn't miss anything except a year of pranks and generally insolent behavior. Mrs. W was an incredibly incompetent teacher who let us run wild because she just didn't know what else to do. She was studying to be a mortician, which is something I definitely wouldn't tell to a class of Sophomores. Pretty early on in the year we figured out she had no intention of teaching, and that she didn't want to be there any more than we did. I figured I'd have a go at a prank and I came up this grand idea.

           Above Mrs. W's chalk board were about ten posters that laid down the law in her room. No sleeping, come to class prepared, don't talk when I'm talking, arrive on time; the usual drivel. One of them however, was different. It said--"Respect Me, and I Will Respect You." Instead of being directed solely at the student, it had an end the teacher had to meet as well. That would be the perfect sign to modify since Mrs. W had become less than respectful to us students as our pranks grew more and more destructive (like turning her room upside down for April Fools Day.) But that's another story. Anyway, I decided to change the "Will" to "Might" so the new sign would read "Respect Me, and I Might Respect You." Not only would it be funny to the students, but it would also hopefully tell the teacher to lighten up at our pranks.

           I wish I could say I had to crack a password, dodge sweeping laser beams, evade savage guard dogs, and duel the Minotaur to get the sign off her wall, but in reality it was far simpler. One day I happened to be the only one in Mrs. W's room, so I just walked up to the wall and pulled the sign off. It was held on with magnets, so there was no tape to deal with. Then, I shifted a few of the other signs down a bit so it would look like all of them were still there.

           Later that night, I made a few photocopies, cut out the right letters, taped them down in the right place, and photocopied it again for the final sign. Then, I took it back to school the next day and put it back on the wall with Mrs. W none the wiser.

           The ensuing witch hunt was pretty funny from my point of view, although I could have been sent to the principals office had I been caught. It took Mrs. W at least a week to notice my prank. When she did, she wrote this huge note on the blackboard underneath my sign complaining about how she tries to be a good teacher but we don't respect her, and so on and so forth. One of the alarming things I heard was that she would offer extra credit to anyone who told her who made the sign. I had originally told a few people about the sign to get things going before the teacher realized it was on her wall, and I was concerned that someone who was failing might tell Mrs. W that I made it. So I quickly made a new sign that looked like the original, and exchanged it one day after class. Mrs. W was pretty bewildered with the sudden appearance of her old sign. So in the end, everything worked out. I gave the school a good laugh, made the teacher look like a fool, and plus I didn't get caught.

Respect Me And I Might Respect You