I've always claimed I enjoyed writing but I don't really seem to do much of it, although I guess I've wrote a lot for this website. School papers were always a chore because I'd much rather write about something that interests me rather than a 1000 word essay on some rambling E. E. Cummings "poem." Below are a few of the better school papers I wrote, along with some other things I've written.

How to Have Fun at Work
Here's an essay about the kinds of things I think about while working.

The Educated Roach
This was a paper I wrote towards the end of my 10th grade year. Our school was having a massive roach problem at the time and we had joked around earlier in the week that the roaches might listen to the teachers and become so smart they would take over the school.

The Helical Engine
This was a story I wrote for a standardized test around 2005. I liked it so much I wrote myself a copy and snuck it out of the testing room. Recently I rewrote parts to make it clearer and decided it's as good as it's going to get.

Mrs. W and Rule Posters
Here's a story about how I pulled a prank on my 10th grade history teacher, the blundering Mrs. W.

The Ketchup Tax
This is a story about writing a message to the school administration during the eighth grade to let them know we were not happy with a five cent increase in price for ketchup.

Eulogy for Clickster
Here's a brief eulogy for my most faithful companion.

The Guinea Hen
This is a story about catching a Guinea Hen that was wreaking havoc on my neighbor's land.

I'll add more as time goes on.