Kite Aerial Photography

I've always thought it would be cool to attach a camera to a kite, but growing up I never had a camera light enough. However, in 2013 I bought a GoPro Hero 3 and started experimenting with kite aerial photography. My kite is a Nexus made by Prism Kites, although it's not really a stable camera platform. It's a dual line kite that's meant more for tricks. In 2017 I upgraded my GoPro to a Hero 5 model, but I still have the same kite. It takes a fair amount of breeze to lift the camera, so I think in the future I'd like to make a big box kite.

Ocracoke Island, 2013

Long Beach Island, 2016

Long Beach Island, 2016

Sandbar, 2017

Mosquito Island, 2017

Rodanthe, 2017