Juggling Pictures

Juggling Tennisballs
This was a tube swapping competition at a summer camp in the early 2000's. Teams made two passes past a pontoon boat with judges; the first run was scored purely on the time it took to swap tubes while the second run was supposed to be "artistic." My best friend and I won this competition.

Juggling Basketballs
This picture was taken at the same summer camp as the above picture. I could juggle basketballs for over 200 catches, it's not nearly as hard as it looks. Although starting and ending was a little tough.

Juggling Homemade Torches
Here's a picture I took for the high school yearbook. These are homemade torches made from wooden dowels, aluminum tape to protect the wood from the flame, and kevlar wicks. I used kerosene for fuel. These were fairly hard to juggle because the weight distribution is wrong.