I've had the opportunity to visit Europe twice, as well as take a few trips to Canada, the West Coast and various other places.

My first trip to Europe was with the United States Youth Ensembles 2004 Tour. We traveled around seven countries for two and a half weeks and gave concerts in different towns. I played the bassoon with the orchestral ensemble, but there were also string and choir ensembles. There were around 250 people all in all, which is way more than I'd want to be held accountable for. One guy managed to loose his passport, but he did get to see Amsterdam when he went to get a new one. The pictures he brought back largely consisted of bongs and pot shops.

We started out in Boston, then once in Europe we went to Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Dinkelsbuhl, Dachau, Innsbruck, Venice, Milan, Lugano, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Paris, Delft, Scheveningen, and ended up in Bingen. It took around seven hours to fly from Boston to Frankfurt, and eight for the return trip.

European Tour Route
Our Route

High School Band
My second trip to Europe was with my high school marching band for the 2005 New Year's Day Parade in London. The symphonic band also gave a performance in St. Augustine's Church. I played the bass drum in the parade, and bassoon in the concert. This trip only lasted five days, but it was nice to be able to read street signs and understand what was going on. We did most of our sightseeing in London, with the exception of visiting Stratford-upon-Avon to see Shakespeare's birthplace, and visiting Warwick Castle.

Leaving Boston
Leaving Logan International Airport.