I was first exposed to juggling by a great uncle when I was about 10-11 years old. We were working in his garden and he asked me if I knew how to juggle. I said I didn't and he exclaimed "I thought all boys your age knew how to juggle!" and promptly started a three potato cascade. After throwing in a few tricks that I thought for sure were magic at the time, he put the potatoes in a bucket and we went on working. That night I started to teach myself to juggle using tennis balls.

I really had no outside influence and didn't make much progress until I found the Internet Juggling Database. It had a lot of animations and I started to learn tricks and found out about other props. I made my own clubs, knives, and torches although store bought clubs worked better. I guess the culmination of my skills was when the high school band director got me to make a routine for the Spring Concert. The band played Comedians Gallop and I worked my way through various props and ended with my homemade knives. We wanted to end with some torches, but the Principal put a stop to that idea. :(

I've largely quit juggling, although I can still juggle a 5 ball cascade pretty well.