This section will deal with guns and hunting. I'll eventually have pages devoted to different things I've hunted, a page detailing all the guns in my arsenal, and other types of outdoorsy things. I've also made a few guns and done some home gunsmithing, so there are pages detailing those projects as well.

Below are a few calculators I've made for common firearm related formulas I use on occasion.

Bullet Foot Pound Calculator
Bullet Weight (grains)
Bullet Velocity (feet per second)

Roundball Weight Calculator
Bullet Diameter (inches)

Sight Error Correction
Sight Radius (inches)
Error (inches)
Distance to Target (yards)

Maximum Efficient Roundball Powder Charge (info)
Barrel Diameter (inches)
Barrel Length (inches)

Taylor Knock Out Comparison (info)
Bullet One
Bullet Two
     Bullet Weight (grains)
     Bullet Velocity (feet per second)
     Bullet Caliber (inches)

Rule of 96 (info)
Load Weight (grains)

Greenhill Formula (info)
Bullet Diameter (inches)
Bullet Length (inches)

Journee's Formula (info)
Roundball Diameter (inches)

Bullet RPM Calculator
Bullet Velocity (feet per second)
Twist Rate (inches per complete revolution)