About Me

Much was expected from me in my childhood. I was the only son of a hardworking Mongolian yak herder, scraping out a living in the arid Khankhokhii steppe. Food was scarce, and we often went without. One day, papa was eaten by a savage Amur Tiger and the full responsibility of the 30 yak farm fell on me. Thankfully, I woke up and realized there were still 25 minutes to go in my history class.

I've taken around twenty years of martial arts lessons, and am a third degree blackbelt. I took ten years of piano lessons. I played the bassoon for seven years in school. I taught myself to play the guitar in 2006 and still play regularly. I can juggle up to 7 balls, but only five consistently. I enjoy hunting, reading, woodworking, metalworking, sailing, and messing with my computer.

I graduated from college in 2010 and did some carpentry work for a while. Then I managed a small manufacturing business where we made two versions of portable bandsaw sawmills until 2017. We also did various metalworking jobs for clients like design, sheet metal cutting and bending, welding, and some light machining. This was starting to take off when I got married, so I bought the business and now work for myself doing metalworking.

Breaking Two Bricks
My second degree blackbelt test
                 Juggling Torches
Playing with fire